Output data

When completed there should be the following directories inside the DATA_DIR given.

calib              // contains input calibration files required by lbl 

                        (i.e. blaze and wave files depending on instrument
lblreftable        // LBL reference tables are added here

log                // Log files are stored here

models             // Any models downloaded are placed here

plots              // Any plots saved to disk are put here

science            // input spectra are put here (each in `{OBJECT_SCIENCE}` sub-directories)

lblrdb             // LBL RDB files are added here

lblrv              // LBL RV files (in `{OBJECT_SCIENCE}_{OBJECT_TEMPLATE}` sub-directories) 

                        are stored here

masks              // mask files for each object are placed here

other              // Other downloaded files are added here

templates          // templates are put here

Radial velocity outputs:

There are two main outputs a .fits file and a .rdb file.

The rdb file is compatible with dace (https://dace.unige.ch/radialVelocities/?) 

The fits file contains several extensions:

Note the .rdb file and RDB extension in the fits file consist of the following columns:


_tc denotes a file has been cleaned of tellurics within LBL